Friday, October 30, 2009


Well I am going to throw this BLOG in the trash


Because I'm making a new better one!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Like This

I found this pretty motivational.
Be more like this guy I will.

Will you?

Monday, July 20, 2009

It comes crashing.

Nice guys finishing last is a common phrase thrown around the nice guy's table, but now it seems that it is a statement that is being backed by government and our general culture. I should have just believed it when I herd Green Day sing about it, but I decided to find out for myself.
Our nation today is suffering economically like rarely before. I am sure by now that we all have someone very close to us that has been affected by it, and hard. What we may not know is that whole industries are faulting under the economic stress. Industries that are designed to do good. One of those industries are the industry that My wife (Mallory), Father, Dog, and I are involved in now which is the industry of rehabilitation and behavioral help, and it is suffering greatly. It has been reported that fourteen different facilities have closed down this year, in utah alone. Even with fourteen less "competitors" the remaining companies still suffer. These are nonprofit companies that are set out to help the people, and are not getting bank bailouts or government aid. Wilderness Quest the program that I work for is verily standing and honestly shouldn't. The directors that are the foundation of the program have only been paid twice since November '08, and field staff like Mallory and I are having our hours cut in half and are very worried that our next pay checks won't be here. We continue to work hoping for a brighter future, but nice guys finish last. Normally around this time of the year we would have about 15 - 20 students now we have 7. Other programs around the nation are at 50% of their normal.
It comes crashing.
We came to work this summer for WQ knowing that it was hard times, but we were willing to help. Now, we are planning on packing our boxes and car a month early to find work again in SLC. A call center I'm sure :(

A moment.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This Really isn't a very good Blog.
I'm Sorry Blog
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

While I am in denver

I miss this girl. I miss her face. I miss her whisper. I miss her laugh and her smile. She is great!

Finny and Davis Take over Colorado

So here it goes. Finny being the great friend he is gave me 
the op to come to Denver with him at sell security systems!
So we are having the time of our lives. We watch Jazz games
We also spend time stacking up our air mattresses and 
watching movies it is the starting of the greatest summer. 
We are going to make so much money!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pretty big news

Well life is good and it just got a whole 
lot better!
On March 29th I took my girlfriend on a picnic.
It was very nice. We brought Juice.
Well, actually we made the juice there.
We brought some sandwiches.

Because I love her so much I decided to also bring a ring.
As she laid on her belly facing away from me.
I placed the ring box open and in between us.
I asked, "do you love me?"
She replied, "Yes."
Then I asked, "Do you love me enough to marry me?"
She turned around and saw the ring.
She said Yes!